Welcome to Rottweilerkennel van Meijl op Zeven!

Great interest for the breed: Already in 1968, we were very interested in a dog. The breed rottweiler was still strange for us. At one point we came in contact with a lady who had a very beautiful and powerful, tough predominantly black dog on the leash. Of course we asked for the name of the race and she told that it was a rottweiler. We remember that this dog name was "Endor van het Brabant park". She talked with a lot of praise about her dog and we were, after reading the book of Jan van Rheenen entitled "my friend Rik" crazy this noble breed and decided to purchase a puppy.

In the 1980s we became interested in breeding a litter. Since then, we breed on a small scale. Hereby we propose high demands to the character, health and stability of the breeding animals. To date, we have encountered no problems because we almost succeeded with our bred rottweilers. Most puppy buyers come back to us or wait until a litter is born, to get a second dog.

My interest in the breed continued growing and as lover and breeder of the race I wanted to know more about the origins of the breed, the exterior, health, character, etc.  I read a lot of literature that was available about the rottweiler and followed an AKK-course followed by a course exterior and movement. After completing these courses, I passed successfully for the judge examination in 1995. Now I am besides a lover and breeder also judge for our noble breed.

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